Zoom Link:  https://zoom.us/my/crossfit970

8 x 2:00 Interval

2 Wall Walk/7 or 10 HSPU

10 Front Squat(135/95) or (Goblet Squat w KB or DB)

Max Rep Power Clean in Remainder (135/95)  KB or DB power clean alternating arms

Rest 2:00 Between Rounds

For today, there are a few choices.  If you can do HSPU, then do them.  Just don’t crash through your wall.   If you can’t do HSPU then perform 2 wall walks.  For the front squat, if you have a barbell but don’t have the RX weight, go as heavy as you can.   The front squat should be a weight you can do all 10 unbroken for each round.  This is the weight that you will use for the power cleans as well.  These are short intervals, so go hard for each of the 2 minutes.