Announcement:  IF you had the Beyond The Whiteboard App, you would have had this WOD post at 8:00pm.  The app is set to post the daily WOD each night at 8:00pm.  The WOD downloads into your mobile app so all that is left is for you to input your score for the day. Please take a few minutes to sign up and download the app to your mobile device.  If you’re fairly new to CrossFit, the app includes a demo of the exercises found in the daily WOD.  These demos can be found by clicking on the tab labeled “prepare” 

Complete For Time

6 Rounds

6 Bar Muscle Ups

6 Deadlifts (225/155)(275/185)

Heavy deadlifts will add an element of difficulty to the gymnastics movement today.  Pick a weight for your deadlift that will challenge you but that you don’t have to do singles with as we want to link these through as many rounds as possible.  This is a sprint effort BUT do NOT sacrifice technique for speed with the barbell.