Coach Peters Coaches Choice Workout

Complete For Time (25 Minute Time Cap)

100 Double Unders

80 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’9’)

60 KB Swing (53/35)

40 T2B

20 Alt Arm Devils Press (50/35)

10 C2B or Bar Muscle Ups

WOD will begin an end with 3 or 5 Wall Walks.  You will also perform 3 or 5 Wall Walks between EACH movement.

Coach Peters’s explanation of WOD:

There are a lot of CrossFit workouts that are the standard, 21-15-9, EMOM, etc, but what I love the most is the chipper.

Start a movement finish and be done. Most times we stack movement that can be done by everyone, modifying is available, but move with a good pace.

Now I want to up the ante with a gymnastics movement between each round to up the skill level. Most everyone can do a wall walk or a modified version so push the pase and move with purpose through the whole workout.

I am expecting above 20 min for a finish and workout should start and end with wall walks. Have fun, I’ll have extra if you want it. 🙂