ANNOUNCEMENT:  Please continue hold tight on the reopening date.  Here is what we DO know;  We are considered “Personal Service” and fall under the Personal Training guides.  This is NOT our “best guess” as to where we fall.  It is something we have confirmed with Larimer County on more than one occasion.   We correspond with the County daily and sometimes on more than one occasion.

We are confirmed to be able to do 1:1 training as well as 1:4 training.  We have also been told by the County that we can have sessions in which we have TWO groups of 1:4 training with no more than 10 people in the building.

What we DO NOT have is final confirmation on what it looks like to have the TWO groups going AND if face covering will be required.

We also KNOW we can hold training outdoors with a group no larger that 10 people as long as social distancing is observed.  Again, we don’t know if face covering will be required for that activity.

Until we have ALL things confirmed, we are not moving forward with opening.  We expect to have that confirmation at the end of the week.

The moving targets we are being faced with are providing to be a real challenge for our planning.  Having said that, the County released the guidelines we need to follow and we are extremely proud of the fact that we had already addressed all of the items, which puts us ahead of the curve and in a place where we can react quickly once our questions have been answered.   We miss you all and can NOT wait to safely gather again.

Zoom link:

Complete for Quality (not so much worried about time)

2 Rounds

100 Single Unders

20 DB/KB Push Press (10 each arm)

100 Single Unders

20 DB/KB Bent Over Rows (10 each arm)

100 Single Unders

20 DB/KB Bicep Curls (10 each arm)

100 Single Unders

Suns out….guns out!! Let’s work those beach body muscles today.