ANNOUNCEMENT:  We are aware and extremely disappointed by the new Safe At Home rules and how they apply to specifically to gyms.  There is no real clear picture at this point as it relates to when we will be allowed to open.  May 11th has been a date that the Governor plans to address Bars, Restaurants, and Gyms.  This isn’t horrible as it is only a week after we had planned to open. 

When we are cleared, it is safe to assume the rules that we believed to be in place for us when we announced our plan, will indeed be the rules that are handed down.  We are ready to roll with a solid plan in place ready to execute.  While we certainly do not agree with these rules (not even in the slightest) we will follow them as it is irresponsible not to. 

We have a tab on our web page dedicated to our COVID-19 response.  We will update that page as we gather more information.  We will also use that page as the centralized landing spot for the more detailed information that was bullet pointed in our initial communication.  

We want to thank the all of the Coaches for their input on our plan to reopen.  As a result of our quick thinking, we have been able to provide MANY gyms a guideline for how to safely and effectively reopen.  This is truly a dedicated and passionate group that cares beyond words about each and every one of you.  If you get a chance to thank them, please take a second to do so.  They are dedicating hours of their time out of pure love for our community.   

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8 x 1:00 Intervals

15/25 Air Squat

Max Rep Clean & Jerk In remainder (135/95)

1 Minute Rest Between Rounds

So we have already heard there have been a few WODS that have been a little “sneaky” in terms of how hard they get.  Well….the trend will continue with this one.

For the air squats, you have to hustle to get them done quickly so you can move on to the the barbell work.  This one is all about speed and cycling a barbell.  We are NOT looking to do singles today.  Touch and go with the barbell for about 30-40 seconds.