5 x 2:30 Interval

15/12 Assault Bike Cals

25’ HS Walk or 1 Wall Walk

12 Toes To Bar

25’ HS Walk

Max Cals Assault Bike in Remainder

2:30 Rest

For today, these are all out sprint efforts in the first movements before you get to the scored part of the workout which is the max bike cals at the end.  You can not afford to take it easy on the bike.

If you have HS Walks, but 25’ is too much at a time, talk to your Coach about what is best to do for distance/attempts.  We don’t want you to stay away from these in a WOD, but we don’t want the entire 2:30 to mostly be taken up by HS walks.  There is a balance there that we can find.

There will not be a ton of time to bike, so once you get back to the bike, you gotta go!!