ANNOUNCEMENT:  This is a big one so please read carefully.  WE WILL BE OPEN FOR CLASS THIS SATURDAY!  We have been given clearance by Larimer County to hold outdoor workouts in groups of 10 or less.  WITH NO FACE COVERING required.  You will need a face covering to enter the building as our coaches will be taking your temp in close proximity.  Please refer to our COVID 19 tab to review what to expect.  We have not updated this yet in terms of the outdoor class.  So this is the update: 

We will still not be asking for equipment back.  There is PLENTY of stuff we can program without a barbell.  We do plan to use the Assault Bikes and Rowers.  We are also very fortunate that we have access to a rig outside.  We will be using it as well.  The only difference in protocol from the reopening plan we have outlined is instead of a 10×10 square inside the building, you will be outside on a numbered stall mat.  

We will provide spray bottles to use to sanitize the equipment.  The chemical we are using needs to stay on the equipment and stall mat for 3 minutes before wiping down in order to be effective.  

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL AND WATER BOTTLE as you will not have access to the water fountains in the gym.  You can also buy a Kill Cliff or Fitade while you’re in line to get your temp checked if that is something you would like.  Just bring it with you to the check in table and the Coach will mark you down for it.  

Saturday class times will be 7, 8, 9 and 10am.  You will have to preregister on Pike13 for your class.  We are still working out final details on the registration process.  We will get step by step instructions out to you ASAP.  YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WORKOUT IF YOU ARE NOT SIGNED UP FOR CLASS.  

As in any case, if you do not feel you are ready or you don’t feel safe coming to class, please know that’s ok.  We will be ready for you when you are ready for us.  

We are so excited about this!!!!!  The Coaches have worked so hard on plans to bring you back!!!  With that said, please please please be patient with us as we work some of the bugs out this first day.  Also, please show up if you register for class.  The spot you take could be someone else’s and we want to serve as many of you as we can.  

Please be a little early for class so we can get through everything in an hour.

Complete For Time:


Deadlift (95/65) or (135/95) or as close as you can get OR use a DB or KB with evenly split reps.

Abmat Sit Ups