ANNOUNCEMENT:  We will be having TWO DAYS OF WODS AT THE GYM THIS WEEK.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be “at the gym day” with our regular class schedule.  We will be adding a 6:30AM class to our regular class schedule for TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY.   We will be holding these workouts OUTSIDE for all class times as the weather will be nice enough to do that.  We will likely not be holding Zoom WODS for those days.  We will keep you posted.   Please check the website and social media for any additional details.

Zoom Link:

Complete For Time:


Wall Balls (20/14)(10’/9’)

Double Unders

For today, in the beginning rounds, take the breaks on the wall ball as you feel necessary.  We suggest if  wall ball isn’t an efficient movement for you, think about breaking the 50 and 40 into 3 sets.  Consider 20-16-14 and 17-13-10 as a suggestions.   For the rounds of 30 and 20, consider 2 sets.  17-13 and 12-8 are considerations.  Look to do your double Unders unbroken throughout.