Complete For Time:

10 Rounds

1 Clean (squat or power)

2 Ring Muscle Ups

3 Dead Lift


Immediately into 800 Meter Run

Today, the choice is all yours.  Starting with the cleans, these can be power or squat.  But…it needs to be heavy for you.  There is no RX or RX+ programmed weights.  We are looking at a 90-95% of your 1 Rep Max.  This will also be your deadlift weight.  For the muscle ups, the WOD is written with Ring Muscle Ups.  You can do bar muscle ups as well (you have to work on the rings during warm up) C2B, Strict Pull ups or regular pull ups are all ok for today.  Your coach will give you your reps for mods instead of the ring mu.  HR push ups, inverted push ups, HSPU to ab mat, OR even strict HSPU are all ok options for this WOD.  No matter what option you choose, you will do no less than 4 reps each round.