ANNOUNCEMENT:  Murph is right around the corner…..AND WE ARE DOING IT AT THE GYM!!  Stay tuned for more details as we have them.  As of now, we have heat times starting at 7am and going every hour with the last heat at 12:00pm.   Please make plans to join us for the annual Memorial Day Murph.  There will be scaling options for those that are not quite ready to take on 100 pull ups.  We have done plenty of running, push ups and air squats, so we should be ready for those movements.  Having said that, we can/will scale for those that need to.  This WOD is all about celebrating freedom and honoring sacrifice and we think it is even more meaningful at the present time.  

15 Minute AMRAP

500 Meter Row

12 Back Squat (135/95)

50 Double Unders

This is one of the ONLY good things about having a capped class of 10.  We are able to program an AMRAP using the rowers!   Pace on the row should be in line with your 2k pace.  What we want to focus on here today is transition time between movements.  The light weight, low volume squats should not be overlooked as these tend to pump the legs up which you will likely feel on the first dozen double unders.  As with any AMRAP, these are good WODS to push yourself a little because the clock is your friend, and unless you’re Chuck Norris, you’re going to finish in 15 minutes!