Complete For Time:

800 Meter Run

30 Deadlift (155/105)(225/155)

800 Meter Run

30 Bar Facing Burpee

800 Meter Run

As you pick your weight for deadlift, you should be thinking about a weight you could do about 15 unbroken if fresh.  Consistent pace is key with this one.  Getting out hot on the the first 800 is NOT the way to go.  Our goal here is to methodically move through the deadlifts and burpees.  If you feel like you can pick up the pace on the 2nd and the last 800, then do it.

At Home MODS

For the deadlift, find an object that you can safely lift from the ground to the hang position.  Two milk jugs would even work!!

For the bar facing burpees, regular burpees are ok but try to elevate 6-8 inches on your jump.