On behalf of all of the Owners and Coaches, we just want to say it’s so great to have you all back.  For those we haven’t seen yet, we are excited to welcome you back as well.  We also want to say a big “thank you” the the amazing job you all have done to keep our space and equipment clean.  It’s a HUGE help when you all do your part.  

16 Minute EMOM

Min 1= 7  Rep Power Snatch (115/75)*

Min 2= 4/7 Strict Pull Ups**

*For the power snatch, you will have the choice to stay at the same weight for all 8 rounds, or go up in weight every 2 rounds.  Suggested weights if you are going to increase every 2 rounds:





**For the strict pull ups, band as necessary, but challenge yourself in terms of the difficulty you choose.  We are working the strict today to help ease you back into pull up shape.  IF you have been doing pull ups, you can do weighted strict pull ups using a 25/35# kb.


If no barbell, perform 14 DB or KB Snatch from the floor

If no pull up bar, do 14 DB or KB shoulder to Overhead.