Partner WOD

As a Team, Complete The Following In Order For Time

80 Dumbbell Clean & Jerk (50/35)

80 Dumbbell Box Up and Over (50/35)(20″/16″)(24″/20″)

80 Dumbbell Weighted Sit Ups (50/35)

We are breaking the mold a little for this partner WOD….On a TUESDAY!!  For this WOD, the Clean & Jerk and Weighted Sit Up will be done with a single DB.  The step up and overs will be done with TWO.  Only one partner working on the DB movements at a time.  While one partner is working, the other partner will be running 200 meters.  It is up to you how you break the work inside with the runs.  Here is the kicker…each run will take 10 seconds off your finish time for the WOD.

After the moderate load deads from yesterday, you’re going to feel this one on the box step up and overs.  Make sure you are driving through your heel on top of the box engaging the glutes and hams.  Core is also going to feel this one!