Complete For Time

2 Rounds

8 C2B Pull Ups

10 Snatch (75/55)(95/65)

2 Rounds

10 C2B Pull Ups

8 Snatch (95/65)(135/95)

2 Rounds

12 C2B Pull Ups

6 Snatch (115/75)(155/105)

2 Rounds

14 C2B Pull Ups

4 Snatch (135/95)(185/125)

25 Minute Time Cap


The snatch today can be squat or power or a combination of both.  The lighter weights in the couplet might be better for the power snatch while the heavier weights might be something you will need to squat to get.  Warm up for both.  You will be adding weight after each of the two rounds, so make sure if you are not doing the Rx weights, you are picking weights that you can increase to what will be a challenging weight for you for the last two rounds of the WOD.  Everyone will be doing chest to bar pull ups today so pick bands accordingly and make sure you are able to get that high pull and touch your chest to the bar.  This movement will help build the pulling strength you need for your kipping pull ups.