In Teams of Three Complete

3,000/2,400 Meter Row

600′ Bear Crawl/300′ HS Walk

150 Front Squats (95/65)

100 Ring Dips

For this WOD, all three partners can be working at the same time.  The movements do NOT need to be done in any particular order.  For an all male team, the row is 3,000 meters.  For any other combination of male/female or an all female team, the row is 2,400 meters.  For the ring dips, if you need to band up, use the False Grips to secure your bands on the rings.  You can use the high rings for the rings dips, but you MUST do a muscle up to get up on the rings.   Strategy on this one is going to be key.  The ONLY rule is you must complete all movements.  HOW you do that is up to you.