Complete For Time

1200 Meter Run (once around the industrial complex)

30 Power Snatch (135/95)

1200 Meter Run

Yes we sandwiched “Isabel” (30 power snatch for time) between TWO mid range runs!   Best strategy for today is to carry a good pace for your first 1200 meter run.  If you get out a little strong, you are going to have to take way more breaks with the barbell which will eat into your total time to compete.  For the power snatch, we are looking for a weight you could do 8-10 unbroken if fresh.  Singles are ok, although we really would like to see some linking of the snatches.  If you’re going to do singles, make them fast singles.  The second 1200 meter run is where you can empty the tank on about the last 300 meters.