800 Meter Run

50 Back Squat (135/95)

50 Bench Press (135/95)

800 Meter Run

35 Back Squat (135/95)

35 Bench Press (135/95)

800 Meter Run

20 Back Squat (135/95)

20 Bench Press (135/95)

800 Meter Run

1 Muscle Up


400 Meter Run

35 Back Squat (115/75)

35 Bench Press (115/75)

400 Meter Run

25 Back Squat

25 Bench Press

400 Meter Run

15 Back Squat

15 Bench Press

400 Meter Run

1 Strict Pull Up

For today, we will need to get moving on this WOD so be there on time as we will have a bit of an abbreviated warm up so we can get going.  For many of you that are looking to do RX, the bench press weight and volume might be just a bit out of your comfort level.  That’s OK!!  We will likely have bench press “stations” where the weight is lighter.  We will also recommend the scaled rep volume for some.   We can also do this for the squats if needed.  The weight for both should be on the lighter side for you.  Your Coach will help you figure it all out…just show up ready to grind through this one.

U.S. Marine Corporal Keaton G. Coffey, 22, of Boring, OR, assigned to the 1st Law Enforcement Battalion, 1st Marine Headquarters Group, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Camp Pendleton, CA, was killed on May 24, 2012 while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

He is survived by his fiancee Brittany Dygert and his parents Grant and Inger.

This “Coffey” Hero WOD was first posted on CrossFit Main Site as the workout of the day for Wednesday, December 11, 2013 (131211).