Complete For Time

50 T2B

Each Time You Drop, Run 100 Meters.  Rx+ is 200 Meters

50 HSPU/Deficit HSPU (4″/2″)

Each Time You Break, Run 100 Meters. Rx+ is 200 Meters

For today, if you are working on your toes to bar, do some work on them in warm up and do knees to parallel for the WOD.

The T2B will make an already challenging movement of the HSPU a bit more challenging because the core is going to be taxed.  Inefficiencies in the kip will definitely show up today, so make sure you are working that kip in the warm up.

Our scale for the HSPU today will be inverted push ups, or wall walks.  If you’re doing inverted push ups, do 25 total and run 100M after each set of 5.  For wall walks, one wall walk equals 10 HSPU.  You will do a 100M run after each wall walk.