Complete For Time

10 Rounds

15 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9′)

1 Power Clean (135/95) (185/125)*

*Power Cleans INCREASE by 1 Rep after each round of wall balls.

For today’s WOD, you should pick a weight for your power cleans that you could 10 unbroken if fresh.  We are not looking for singles on the power cleans for any of the rounds in this one (except the first round).  The weight should be something you can do the last round of 10 in a maximum of three sets.

For the wall balls, try to do these unbroken for as long as possible.  If you need to break these up, consider doing in sets of 8 and 7.  The key with this one is to just keep moving and use the transitions as your rest breaks.  Focus on breathing at the top of each of the movements.