REMINDER:  Gym will be open for an 8:00am WOD on Wednesday July 4th.  If you have a weight vest, bring it.


15 Minute AMRAP

200 Meter Run

2 Rope Climbs

11 Burpees

12 KB Snatch (53/35)(70/53)

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds

The name of the game today is to sprint the rounds within this AMRAP.   Each round ends with a 1 minute rest break, so earn your rest today.  The 2ooM run should be at about 75-85% of your speed with a jump up to the rope as soon as you get in.  This one is going to elevate the heart rate in a hurry.  The KB Snatch will be 6 on each arm.  And yes, its 11 burpees!