Complete For Time

500 Meter Row

40 Air Squats/Pistols

30 Burpees

20 Push Ups/HSPU

10 Pull Ups/Bar MU

3,200 Meter Run

Today’s WOD starts with a sprint distance row.  This row should be about an 85% effort or a pace that will allow you to begin your air squats/pistols as soon as you’re off the rower.  Strive for unbroken reps for the movements in this WOD.  If you have to break, break past the half way point of the movement.  For example, do 22-25 of the 40 squats before you break.

The run is part of the timed WOD and is meant to be done immediately after you finish the pull ups/bar MU.  For the run, you will run to the stop sign by Bomgaars and back to the garage door and then back out to the stop sign and back.  The first 100 or so meters of the run will be the most difficult as you settle in to a pace that you can sustain for the whole run.  If there is anything left in the tank, push the pace on the last 400 meters of the run.  Time ends when you cross the garage threshold.