ANNOUNCEMENT:  As of today, the Larimer County Variance that was put into effect still remains.  This is the Variance that has allowed us to be open for classes without masks being required during your workout.  To reiterate, masks MUST be worn in to the building and through your check in process.   IF the Variance is repealed due to increased hospitalizations and other factors, we will likely fall into the State mandate of wearing a mask at all times while indoors.  We remain hopeful that this will not be the case.  IF it is the case, we have already begun plans to go back outside to do our workouts but this time we will be allowed to have more than 10 people allowed in each class.   We have made arrangements to have a large event tent put up to assure we can combat the elements.  AGAIN, this is ONLY IF the Variance is repealed.   For now, we are clear (confirmed by Larimer County) to operate in the same manner we have been.  

30 Minute AMRAP

40 Air Squat

40 Ab Mat Sit Ups

40 Lunges

40 Push Ups


RX+ is with a weight vest