4 x 4:00 Interval

400 Meter Run

25/50 Foot HS Walk

20/17 Cal Bike

Rest Remainder of 4 Minutes PLUS a 4 Minute Rest Between Rounds

For today, you will have 4 minutes to complete the required amount of work for the round.   Whatever time is left in the 4 minutes is rest, PLUS you will also have a 4 minute rest break between rounds.   So, you are rewarded for really pushing the pace!  The idea is you will have a MINIMUM of 4 minutes of rest to recover for the next round.  For the HS walk, we want to encourage you to work on them in warm up and then give it a go for the WOD if things are progressing.  Your Coach will help you with a MOD that is appropriate for you.  That may be a box walk, a wall walk or possibly a variation of push up that will challenge you.