15 Minutes to Build to A Heavy 3 Rep OHS


12 Minute AMRAP

8 OHS (115/75)(155/105)

12 Box Jump Up & Over or Box Clears (24”/20”)

16 Strict Sit Ups

For today, we are looking to work up in weight on your OHS.  We realize it’s been a little bit since we have done heavy OHS, so we are asking you to be smart with your weight on this.  Technique and QUALITY repetitions are way more important than the load on the bar.  So…please make good decisions on what is a good weight for you today.

Foe the AMRAP, we are looking at a OHS squat weigh that you link all 8 reps for and it should be on the moderate side for weight.

For the box jump up & over, you can either land with two feet on the box OR completely clear the box.

The strict sit ups will be done using your box as you would have normally used the wall for this movement.  Both palms should touch the box at the top of the movement.