Complete For Time

40/30 Cal Bike (cals will be adjusted depending on the Xebex bike or the Air Assault bike).  40/30 are the male female Rx cals.


40 Back Squat (135/95)(185/125)

40 Box Jumps (24″/20″)(30″/24″)

40 KB Swings (53/35)(70/53)

This one is definitely a leg burner from the start.  The bike is a new movement for us to put into a class WOD.  Many of you have used the bike as a mod for double unders and some other movements so you might have a better idea on a pace for these calories today.   This isn’t a full sprint effort on the bike but you should be looking at a moderate effort.  If you haven’t experienced the bike, you will know what a moderate effort is as you try this movement in the warm up.  You can always ask your coach for help determining your pace.  Each one of the transitions from movements today is unique in how it impacts the next movement.  The bike will tax the legs a bit before the squats.  The squats will tire the posterior chain, legs and hips which will carry to the box jumps.  Central nervous system will be shot when you get to the kb swings.  Steady, consistent pace it the key for today and short but well timed rest breaks will help you through this one.

The back squats will be taken from the floor.