3 X 5:00 Minute Intervals

400 Meter Run

30 Alternating Leg Walking Lunges

15 Power Clean (135/95)

You will have five minutes to complete all work.  Whatever time you have left in the five minutes will be your rest before repeating for the next five minute interval.  For those wanting to push pace on this….GO FOR IT!  Your weight for the power cleans should be a weight you can do unbroken 15 times if fresh.

If you need to use this as an active recovery day (and not push the pace) you will have less time for rest in each round, but the decrease in intensity will allow you to recover a little while doing the work.  Breaking up the power cleans into two manageable sets is ok for this approach.

The running and lunges will be great to open up the hips and work some of the soreness out of the legs.