Reminder:  The 11AM class time is an “Open Gym” format moving forward. The class will start time will still be at 11:00, but it will not be a formal “Coach Lead” class. You will still be doing the posted WOD for the day, but you will be on your own to warm up and get prepared for the workout. The 11AM class is attended by several of our prior and/or current Coaches, so the class will loosely be lead by them, which will include some guidance through warm-up, answering questions about the WOD, getting the clock started, and making sure the class ends on time. As always, there will be no outside programming permitted. We are keeping this class time to allow the mid day athletes the option of attending this class if it fits within their schedule. The noon class time will continue to be a formal class session. All other classes and class times remain unchanged.

Complete For Time:

20/17 Calorie Bike


5 Rounds

200 Meter Run

10 Clusters (95/65)

10 Bar Facing Burpee

RX+ Is 16 Minute Time Cap

For your cluster weight, this should be a weight you can cycle through your 10 reps unbroken if fresh.  The idea behind this WOD, is we are not looking to rest on the barbell section and we want to move methodically through the burpees.   Your cal bike buy in should be efficient, (using legs AND arms) and something you can recover from during the first 200 meter run.  For those doing RX+, the bike on the front end of this needs to be completed in less than a minute.