Complete For Time

400 Meter Run

21 OHS (75/55)(95/65)

21 Pull Ups

21 Push Ups

200 Meter Run

15 OHS (95/65)(115/75)

15 C2B


100 Meter Run

9 OHS (115/75)(135/95)

9 Bar Muscle Ups

9 Strict HSPU

With the weight getting progressively heavier, and the gymnastic components getting more skilled, pick weights and movements that you can progress with.  Each set of the OHS should be a weight you can do unbroken with the idea in mind the last set will be the most challenging.  We don’t want to put the bar down and have to snatch it back up again if we don’t have to.  For the gymnastics work, break when you want to, not when you HAVE to.  Smaller sets here are better than long rest breaks.  Weight changes on the barbell will be natural places to catch your breath a little before you head out the door for your run.