Complete For Time:

1000 Meter Run

20 HR Push Ups/12 HSPU/20 HSPU

9 Strict Pull Ups/9 Bar MU/15 Bar MU


800 Meter Run

16 HR Push Ups/10 HSPU/16 HSPU

7 Strict Pull Ups/7 Bar MU/12 Bar MU


600 Meter Run

12 HR Push Ups/8 HSPU/12 HSPU

5 Strict Pul Up/5 Bar MU/9 Bar MU


400 Meter Run

8 HR Push Ups/6 HSPU/8 HSPU

3 Strict Pull Ups/3 Bar MU/6 Bar MU


200 Meter Run

4 HR Push Ups/4 HSPU/4 HSPU

1 Strict Pull Up/1 Bar MU/3 Bar MU

Phew….that’s a lot of options!

This is going to be a longer wod so make sure you’re on time and ready to go for your class.  Warm Up will mostly be getting you ready for the pushing and pulling movements.

The RX+ and RX++ options intersect on the last round of the HSPU reps.  Other than that the rep schemes vary between the two.  The goal is to lower the volume on the HPSU on the earlier rounds so this is a doable WOD at RX+ for those who have HSPU but the higher volume is a little much.  We did the same (lowered the reps) for the BAR MU at RX+ vs RX++.

Band up as necessary for the strict pull ups.  Just make sure the band you use still provides as challenge for you for the movement.