Complete For Time

“CF970 Mini Tri”

1,000 Meter Row

2 Mile Assault Bike

3,200 Meter Run

Optional to this is half the distances for each movement.

IF you are not able to run, you will do 600/500 Meter Ski Erg, 2 Mile Bike, 3,600 Meter Row

Here are a few things to consider for this WOD.

  1. The row will take the least amount of time.  So DON’T blow up on the rower.  30 seconds faster here could cost you minutes of time as the WOD moves on.
  2. The bike…unlike when we bike for calories, sprinting on the bike when we travel for distance has little impact on how far you go.  Test this out in warm up.
  3. The run is the bulk of the time on this.  We will be running a course that will take us behind Rez and out to Centerra Parkway where we will head south.  We don’t know the exact distance on this, but best guess is about 2.5 miles.
  4. Wear running shoes.
  5. Bring headphones.
  6. If you do this at 5:30am, hydrate tonight.  If you do it at any other class time, hydrate tomorrow.
  7. This looks a little daunting.  But it’s not.  We ran this far on Friday.  We routinely row 1000m.  And we have done plenty of work on the bike to prepare for this.
  8. Don’t cherry pick this WOD.