The Big Unitt

1992 Meter Run


2 Rounds

12 Burpee Box Jumps (30”/24”)

16 Floor Press (160/115)

8 Bar Muscle Ups

20 Power Cleans (160/115)


2020 Meter Run

Ranger Brendan Unitt, 27, died tragically in the line of duty on Thursday, August 20th, 2020 after drowning while responding to a call of a distressed boater on Horsetooth Reservoir.

Ranger Unitt had been conducting foot patrol at the campgrounds on the West shore of the reservoir when a strong wind event occurred.  He was dispatched to assist a distressed boater, but when he returned to his boat he discovered it had been blown off the shoreline.  It is believed he removed his floatation device in an attempt to swim to his boat to retrieve it.

Ranger Unitt was a US Marine Corps veteran and had served with the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources for six months.

“The Big Unitt” was Brendan’s nickname.  Although he was small in stature (about 5’3”, 160lbs) he was larger than life.

The rep scheme of this WOD was programmed using Brendan’s DOB (12-16-1992) and EOW (8-20-2020).

Sunday was the 2 year anniversary of the day we originally programmed this workout in Brendans honor.  As we have always done, we extend our hearts and prayers to the Unitt family as well as our very own 970 member, Preston Nimtz, who was a very close personal friend of Brendan’s.