5 x 2:00 Interval

7 Snatch (115/75)(155/105)

Max Cal Assault Bike In Remainder

4 Minute Rest Between Rounds

YES…..a 4 minute REST break.  This should be a good hint at what we are looking for here.  These are sprint efforts on the bike!  Goal here is to go a little heavy on the barbell.  Maybe a weight you COULD cycle for some reps, but likely will not.  Singles are good today.  That’s the point.  But they need to be a challenging weight.  Look to get to the bike with about 40 seconds remaining and then you should GO!!

We do a lot of 1:1 work to rest intervals.  Today we are doing a 1:2 work to rest because we want to test your recovery after doing maximal effort work.  IF you get bored during your 4 minute rest, do some burpees to pass the time 🙂