5 x 3:00 Intervals

(17/14)(20/17) Cal Bike

15 KB Push Press (50/35)/HSPU

10 KB Snatch (53/35)(70/53)

Max Cal Row In Remainder of Time

3  Minute Rest Between Rounds

Gotta hustle on this one!  We need to really focus on getting that wheel going on the bike as we don’t have a lot of time to get to the rower.   If you find yourself short on time for the row, make the adjustment to your push press/hspu reps in order to give yourself more time to row.  The bike should take no longer than a minute to do, and we want to be thinking about a minute or less to do the press/hspu AND KB Snatch.  You have 3 minutes to rest, so lets look at fast transitions with little to no rest breaks.   If you are unsure of what movements and/or reps are best for you, make sure you talk to your Coach.  The main goal today is to keep moving for the entire 3 minutes you have to work in each round.