7 Rounds

7 UNBROKEN Power Cleans (As Heavy As Possible)

200 Meter Run

IF you fail on the unbroken (these MUST be touch and go reps) power cleans, you will have to start that round of power cleans from the start.

For today…..challenge yourself on the weight you pick.   We will give you ample time during warm up to build to a CHALLENGING weight to use for your power cleans.  The weight you chose should scare you a little bit as it will be on the upper end of what you think you can do.  TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE!!! Focusing on the mechanics of the power clean just might lead to better than expected results.

The whole point of this workout is to force you in to cycling the barbell under some fatigue.  Cycling the barbell leads to a higher intensity workout and does wonders for building your motor.