Every 4 Minutes For 6 Rounds


15/12 Cal Bike

15 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9′)

15 Bar Facing Burpee

15 Toes To Bar

Remainder of Each 4 Minutes Is Rest

For this WOD, we want to see you have rest breaks before your next 4 minutes start.  In order to do this you will need to move on the bike and the burpees.  All movements should be done unbroken with the exception of the toes 2 bar as this is likely the limiting factor for this WOD.   You will have a pretty good idea of how long it will take to get through this after you complete the first round, so you will be able to make pacing adjustments from there.  Your Coach will be able to guide you on any adjustments you need to make to the rep scheme/movements so you are getting those built in rests.