Class Times Today Are:  6:30am, 8:30am, 11:00am

Due to Air Quality Issues, we will be indoors with the doors closed. We will have fans and Air Conditioning on.

Complete For Time

50/40 Cal Row

50 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9’)

40/30 Cal Bike

40 Wall Ball

30/25 Cal Row

Rest 1 Minute

Max Rep UNBROKEN Wall Ball

For today, you will have two scores.  The first is your time to compete WOD through the 30 cal row.  Your second score will be the total number of max reps of unbroken wall ball.  For the unbroken wall ball, the wall ball may NOT come to a rest at any time or the reps are done.  So, you can not rest by holding the wall ball against the wall.  You must be performing the wall ball movement the entire time.