Running & Odd Objects

200 Meter Run w Med Ball (drop med ball at the 200 Meter turn) (20/14)
200 Meter Ab Mat Run (drop at 200M turn)
200 Meter Plate Run (drop at 200 M turn) (35/15)
Return to the 200m Turn to get Plate and bring into gym
Return to 200m turn to get Ab Mat & bring into gym
Return to 200m turn to get med ball & bring to gym
Complete 25 Plate G2OH & 25 Med Ball Sit ups.

For today, you will be running with the object(s) to the 200 Meter turn around.  Drop your object in the grass at the turn and run back to the gym to get the next object.  Once you have taken the plate out to the 200m turn, you will run back to the start line and back out to the 200M turn to start bringing your objects back your spot in the gym in the reverse order of how you took them out.   Once the plate is back in the gym, you will do 25 plate G2OH and then 25 med ball sit ups.