20 Minute EMOM

Minute 1 = 12/15 GHD Sit Ups

Minute 2= 12/18 DB Hang Clean and Jerk (50/35)

Minute 3= (15/12)(20/17) Cal Bike

Minute 4=  7/10 Bar Dips

For today, the first number of reps is RX and second number is RX+ (bike is RX male/female and RX+ male/female).  This is the first time we have programmed bar dips in a workout.  We have 10 sets of bars to do the dips on, so we want everyone on the dip bars.  You can use a band or lower the dip bar on the rig to a height that will allow you to use your legs to help you lower yourself as well as lock out the dip.  Your Coach will help you with this movement.  There are 5 rounds in this EMOM, so be prepared that it is going to progressively great harder.