25 minutes to work up to a heavy:

5×5 Bench Press

*Increase weight each set


7 minute AMRAP

10 Floor Presses

10 KB Sit-Ups (53/35)

Today we want to focus on strength and working up to a heavy 5 rep bench press. Take your time between sets and try to be completely recovered before you start your next set. The goal is to work up to a weight on your final set that is difficult to do for 5 reps. Make sure you get a spotter if needed.

The AMRAP will be quick but very taxing on our strict strength conditioning. Pick a weight on the floor presses you can do 10 unbroken. This will be a new movement to a lot of people, so ask your coach if you need some guidance. The sit-ups will be performed with the weight on your chest. This will be another strict movement to test our mid-line strength.