Complete For Time


Deadlift (95/65)

Hang Power Clean (95/65)

Push Press (95/65)

Back Squat (95/65)

Complete 30 Double Unders At The End of Each Round (including AFTER the round of 9)

The focus of today’s WOD is conditioning and endurance.  The weight should be on the lighter side for you and something you can do 21 of each lift unbroken if fresh.  These movements are designed to be blended so hold on to the bar as long as you can.  Grip will definitely get some work today!!

If you have to break these reps up, consider doing them in no more that two sets.  You can also break between movements if you need a quick rest.  For example, on the round of 18, you can do 17 deadlifts, drop the bar, and then pick up for the start of your hang power clean to count as your 18th rep of the deadlift.