Complete For Time

3 Rounds

(40/30)(50/40) Cal Row

120 Double Unders

10 Snatch (95/65)(135/95)

8 Pull Ups/Bar Muscle Ups

25 Minute Time Cap

PACE THE ROW!!! Oh..and also PACE THE ROW…..!  You will definitely not be rewarded for getting out fast on the row for this one.  Keep a steady, but moderate pace on the row.  This one has a lot of “pulling” movements to it so keep that in mind.  For the snatch weight, this is a weight you COULD cycle for some reps although you may choose not to.  Keep the time cap in mind as you have about 8 minutes per rounds to get your work done.

For our bigger classes, be thinking about logistics in terms of partnering with someone that will be about the same pace as you so you’re not log jammed on the rowers.