For Time

45/60 Cal Row

40/50 Wall Balls (20/14)

30/40 Push-Ups; HSPU

20/30 Power Cleans (95/75) (155/105)

15/20 Push Jerk (95/75) (155/105)

5/10 Wall Walks


Today’s WOD is a long chipper full of several movements. We have two options for this workout. You can choose to complete the first number on the left if you wish to do a few less reps which will be a RX option, as we know this is a high amount of volume. Or you can complete the second number on the right which will be a RX+ option for the workout. Either way this will be challenging and take some time. Consult a coach if you’re unsure on the number of reps recommended for each movement and they will help you develop a plan for this workout.