18 Minute AMRAP

100 Meter Run

10 DB Step Ups (50/35)(20″/16″)

10 DB Sit Ups (50/35)

10 DB Hang Cleans (50/35)

10 Renegade Rows (50/35)

All DB movements (except sit ups will be done with double db’s)

In today’s partner WOD, one partner will run a 100, while the other partner is doing the set of 10 of each movement of the DB work.   For example, Partner A runs a 100 while Partner B is doing the set of 10 step ups.   If Partner B does 8 step ups, Partner A will begin at rep 9 of the step up and then move to the sit ups.  This will continue in an AMRAP for 18 minutes with each partner continuing reps from were their partner left off.

This will be a very taxing wod on the core and midline.  These accessory type movements will help us strengthen those smaller stabilizing muscles.

Today’s MODS are as follows: 

100M Run…No MOD (row is ok if injured). 

Step ups can be done without DBs or with DBs up to plates vs a box.

Hang cleans can be air squats or goblet squats with single DB.

Mod for the Renegade rows can be done from the knees vs a plank.  We can also modify this movement by taking the push up out and doing just the row portion.