ANNOUNCEMENT:  The gym will be closed on October 8th & 9th for the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar.   Make plans to enjoy your fitness with something outdoors or gather a group together for a park or track WOD.

Complete For Time:


Power Clean (95/65)(165/115)

Bar Dips

Calorie Bike

For today, we are looking at a moderate weight for the power cleans.  This should be a weight you can cycle for reps (thinking 10+ If fresh).  We are ideally NOT looking to start any of our sets with singles.  Look to cycle a few reps before going to singles.

For the bar dips, break before you HAVE to as once you fail, it will be hard to recover from.  If you need to use bands for these,  pick a band that will allow you to do several unbroken reps.