Complete For Time….OR Not

40 Cal Bike


Wall Ball (20/14)

Lat Sit Ups (20/14)

KB Swing (53/35)(70/53)

Today’s WOD is going to be up to you to decide how you want to do it.  We realize for a lot of you, you may be sore and a little “beat up” at this point of the week.  So…we are giving YOU the choice of completing the WOD “for time” or as a WOD you choose to just move through at your own pace.  Either option is totally OK.  Regardless of how you choose to do this, the important point we are trying to drive home here is we want you in the gym moving.  Even if you’re sore, you need to come in an work that soreness out.  Inactivity is one of the worst things for you when you are sore.  Having said that, we want to be smart about forcing intensity  (which is ok for SOME) vs recovery (which is important for ALL).