25 Minute AMRAP

100/80 Cal Row

80 Deadlifts (225/155)

100/70 Toes To Bar

250/150 Double Unders

20 Ring Muscle Ups/20 Ring Dips

200 Air Squats

Partition As You Want/Complete in ANY order

(The Row is the “Buy In” and included in the 25 minutes.  You won’t partition it, and if you complete all of the remaining reps before the 25 minutes are up, you will start the next round with the same row “buy in”)

Strategy is a big key to this one.  We will have some discussion about this at the Whiteboard so be on time to your class.  The goal here is to get into a longer time domain and find a rep scheme that works for you so you are moving throughout and not going to failure with any one movement.  We are looking for sustainable levels of movement.  In other words, if you know your threshold for Air Squats is about 20 reps before you need that break, then figure out a rep scheme that will have you doing no more than 20 air squats at a time.

If you need to go lighter on the deadlift, you should be thinking about a weight you could cycle 20 reps if fresh (or somewhere close to 50% of your 1 rep max).