Complete For Time:

1,000/800 Meter Row

50 Single DB Step Ups (20”/16”)(50/35)

50  Toes To Bar

50 Single DB Power Clean (50/35)

500/400 Meter Row

This one is definitely going to be a test of the midline!

For the row, this should be a smooth, comfortable pace.  We say it all the time, but this one isn’t one that is going to be won on the first row.

As you are rowing this 1,000/800 meters, look at it as 3 separate segments.  What this looks like is the first 250/200 should be at a 60-70% effort.  The middle 500/400 should be at a higher effort.  Maybe 80-85%.  The last 250/500 should be back to the 70-75% range as you recover and get ready to start into the reps of work.

For each of the 50 rep segments you should alway be working “downhill”. In other words, bigger to smaller sets.  For example, the 50 T2B could look like 12-10-8-6-4-4-3-3.   Try to keep rest breaks to a minimum here.

The final row should be done a maximal effort.