4 x 4:00 Interval

Interval 1

750/650 Meter Row

Max Rep Wall Balls (20/14)(10’/9’)


Interval 2

(40/30)(50/40)  Cal Bike

Max Reps Shoulder To Overhead (115/75)(155/105)

4 Minute Rest Between Intervals

For today, you will alternate between Interval 1 and Interval 2 and you will repeat each one for a total of 4 rounds.

As with any interval we do where we have a 1:1 work to rest, we are looking to perform each round with max effort.

We are very familiar with row pace, so the rowing/wall ball interval should be familiar in terms of the pace you want to row this.  We are thinking your 1,000m row pace is going to be good here with the idea that you will get off the rower and pick up the wall ball.

For the bike….this one could get tricky.  Push too hard on the bike and you will leave little in the legs for the drive you will need on your shoulder to overhead.  Back off the bike too much and you will not have enough to time to complete reps of the shoulder to overhead.