Complete For Time:

50 Deadlifts (155/105)(225/155)

40 HSPU **

30 Box Jumps (24”/20”)

20 Bar Dips

10 Power Cleans (155/105)(225/155)

** HSPU variations will be DB push press, inverted push ups, box push ups or a modification of reps.  Check with your Coach for what will be the best for YOU.

For today we have a classic “chipper” style workout where the main goal here is to take calculated breaks and to just keep moving forward.  For the deadlifts, consider small sets with short breaks in between.  This is really your “buy in” to the rest of the workout.

For the remainder of the movements, again, the goal is calculated breaks where we are really emphasizing breaking when you WANT to not when you HAVE to.

For some, the weight of the power clean might be a little too heavy compared to the deadlift with the same weight.  We will NOT be changing weight for this.  So if the deadlift weight is light….go faster!