15 Minutes To Build to A Heavy 1 Rep Snatch


10 Minute EMOM

5 Hang Power Snatch at 50% of Your Heavy 1 Rep

7 Bar Facing Burpees

All work to be done in the minute.

For today, your snatch can be a power or squat.  While we would prefer some work on the full snatch, power is ok as well.  Or a combo of both.

For the EMOM, you must complete the hang power snatch AND bar facing burpees within the minute.  IF you fail to complete the work in a minute, the EMOM turns into an AMRAP with a 10 Minute cap.

Focus today is technique…..Lets really drill down the movement.  IF you don’t work up to heavy weight, that’s perfectly ok.  Your Coach can help you with the weight to use for your EMOM.